Xceleration on the Middle Finger Situations Podcast

Courtney Harrison, Chief Talent Officer at Xceleration, hosts a popular leadership podcast with Alicia Mandel called Middle Finger Situations: Candid Conversations About Irreverent Leadership. Middle Finger Situations dives into essential and trending topics in employment, leadership, and management by engaging in thoughtful conversation with corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, and authors about challenging the status quo of managing a business.

Xceleration CEO Ben Levenbaum has appeared on Middle Finger Situations as both a guest and contributor. During Ben’s most recent appearance on the show, he, Courtney, and Alicia discussed the employee lifecycle, including the value of a strong corporate culture, robust recognition, trophy value, and alumni networks. This fascinating conversation dissected the ways in which the working world is revolving and changing, and how Xceleration’s approach to recognition can help companies succeed.

Ben has previously appeared on Middle Finger Situations to discuss how meaningful, unique, and high-value rewards like individual incentive travel impact motivation and engagement, and provide an array of downstream benefits for your organization. We hope you’ll check out each of these episodes for some unique insights into how Rewarding Works®.

For more information on how Xceleration can help your company take your recognition and engagement to the next level, reach out to us today!

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