Now’s The Time to Think About Year-End Gifting for Your Business

Acknowledging your customers, prospects, and employees around the holidays can be a difference-maker. The end of the year offers time to reflect on successes, learn from challenges, and set goals for the year ahead. It’s the perfect time to make a positive impact with a thoughtful gesture. A strong year-end gifting program can help your business deliver exciting, meaningful, timely gifts to your customers, prospects, and employees in time for the holiday season and the new year.

With a trusted partner like Xceleration, you can manage this effort to the benefit of your stakeholders and your business.  Here are three important ways a year-end gifting program can benefit your company this holiday season.

Year-End Gifting Helps You Stand Out to Your Customers and Prospects

For many companies, the end of the calendar year brings with it a number of promising business development opportunities, from connecting with new clients to strengthening relationships with your existing customers. Acknowledging your prospects and customers with a creative, thoughtful gift can help you stand out.

Delivering those gifts impeccably wrapped and kitted can show these audiences that you’ve taken the time and care to reach out to them during a typically busy time of year. When you cut through the noise at the right time with your year-end gifting program, you grab your prospects’ attention to deliver an impactful message that can strengthen your relationships and help advance your goals.

Help Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Nothing shows appreciation for your hardworking employees quite like a thoughtful gift. It gives you an opportunity to thank them for all they do for you throughout the year and allows you to acknowledge them in a way that’s meaningful and special. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect gift for your employees. At Xceleration, we work hard to understand your business and your team so that you’re able to choose holiday gifts people will love.

Many employees take time off during the holiday season. By recognizing them with a thoughtful gift ahead of their vacation, you’ll help them close their year feeling appreciated and acknowledged. When your team starts the new year feeling refreshed and excited to take on challenges, that positivity carries through your organization.

Take Pressure Off Your Team

Sending out holiday gifts to your customers, prospects, and employees, while important, can often be a challenge to execute at year-end. Coordinating recipient information, gift selection, gift wrapping, and shipping can be a lot to ask of your team while they’re trying to wrap up fourth-quarter priorities. With Corporate Gifting by Xceleration, we handle all of that for you! Our team of experts will help you reduce friction at every step in the corporate gifting process – both for your team and your recipients.

We manage everything according to your specific needs, providing a seamless user experience on all sides. With an array of available high-touch options like white-label kitting, handwritten notes, custom catalogs, and more, our team will help you reach and make an impact on your customers, employees, and prospects this holiday season, without the added pressure of managing a large initiative on your own.

Year-End Gifting Packages to Impress Your Team

If you’re interested in putting together a thoughtful, high-touch year-end gifting program for your customers, prospects, or employees, Xceleration can help! Take a look at some of our exciting business gifting package options, or reach out to us today at

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