We design programs that

Excite your workforce & deliver results

Here's How

We build our programs and craft our approach around a key, foundational concept.  We call it

  1. COMMUNICATE desired values & behaviors.
  2. MOTIVATE employees through messaging.
  3. PERFORM desired behaviors
  4. RECOGNIZE employees formally for their efforts.
  5. Employee redeems a REWARD.
  6. Engagement increases & the cycle REPEATS.


With the knowledge of the Cycle of Motivation under our belts, our passion for learning your unique business needs and goals, and our extensive and unique box of tools we will develop a program that is the right fit FOR YOU. Because we know there is no one size fits all approach to recognition, engagement and retention.



Here’s how we’ll make your recognition and engagement program come to life.

We're more than just a vendor. We're an extension of your business. We work hard to understand your unique business needs to deliver solutions that drive results.

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Our Team

Fully featured, easy to use, and accessible on any device, RewardStation helps you drive the Cycle of Motivation. We're constantly innovating, leading our industry in driving reward and recognition technology forward.

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Or team of experts will curate a catalog full of creative, attractive rewards designed to excite and impress your team. With options from merchandise and gift cards to luxury travel, there's something for everyone!

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Our Rewards

Xceleration manages our own fulfillment warehouse, giving your business even more options for reward fulfillment and delivery, including white-label kitting, branded merchandise, and more.

Our Warehouse

We measure everything! Xceleration takes a data-driven approach to all we do. From developing recognition strategies to global reward fulfillment, we deliver efficiently and effectively to meet each client's unique needs.

Driven by Data

Xceleration helps clients recognize their teams in over 90 countries, in more than 12 languages. Our flexible platform and robust network of global fulfillment allows us to deliver seamless, equitable programs worldwide.

Global Expertise