Cultivate Recognition at Work to Empower Your Team Succeed 

The unique challenges of 2023 cast something of a new light on an area already important to many companies: recognition at work. Programs that emphasize recognition at work enable organizations to expand reward opportunities, boost company morale, and reduce burnout. Over the last few years, millions of working professionals around the world saw their routines disrupted or their work lives changed dramatically.  Although many of these elements have returned to the way they were, others changed for the foreseeable future – our “new normal.” As businesses commit to the success of their employees in 2023 and beyond, here are 4 thoughts we believe stand out:

Prioritize Employee Wellness

Despite so many facets of our lives being disrupted, work has remained a constant for many. Looking at how people engage with work, it’s practical to assume that healthy, happy employees perform better overall. However, we may underestimate the role work itself can play in that health and happiness.

Recognition at work should include initiatives that support wellness during regular work routines, especially in tumultuous times. We believe physical and mental wellness initiatives should move high up the priority list for all of us. Consider employee wellness as you prepare your workforce for the future. Making it a business priority to promote both physical and mental wellness for employees is important. Recognition at work initiatives can go a long way to ensuring your team is engaged, happy, and balanced.

It’s All About Balance

As workforces become more modernized, companies see how “work-life balance” is a critical component to employee morale, performance, recruitment, and retention.  The idea that one’s work is important but should not dominate one’s entire life makes sense.  Burnout creates turnover; turnover creates cost.  This is a simple enough equation, but there are so many more layers. 

Employees that feel both satisfied with their work and with the time they take for themselves or their families can bring that positivity with them to the workplace. When work plays a lead role in promoting that balance, we believe everyone wins. Commit to establishing a culture of recognition at work that rewards and recognizes that balance. Revitalize existing programs, solicit feedback, and acknowledge your employees’ successes in this area.

Focus on Your Remote Workforce

Integrating employee recognition programs into your remote work strategy can make work more meaningful for your team. As we plan our recognition and engagement strategies, it’s important to consider whether we including our remote workforces in a meaningful way.  For many businesses, the very idea of a remote workforce is relatively new. In the past, remote work may have consisted of just a few team members, or people taking day here or a day there to work from home.

For many employees, remote work is new to them, as well. Although some have adjusted beautifully, others may be struggling with the change or see it as a disruption.  When you should prioritize your remote or hybrid teams with recognition at work, you can help all facets of your organization build rapport, morale, and community.

Incorporate Recognition

Incorporating recognition into all of your personnel initiatives can make a major difference. For instance, rewarding employees for engaging with their own wellness in and outside of work takes these initiatives’ value to the next level. 

Incorporating recognition at work makes a clear statement that your company is invested.  Also, for employees who may be on the fence about participating, recognition could be the incentive they need to jump in. Adding this personal component to a performance-driven recognition program helps to solidify your company’s culture of recognition at work and allows your team to apply the same valuable strategy to their own personal growth.

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