5 Ways to Create a Mentally Healthier Workplace

On average, Americans spend nearly ⅓ of their lives at work. Since work makes up such a large portion of people’s lives, it’s no wonder that mental health in the workplace has such a large impact on overall employee satisfaction and retention. 

Employees suffering from poor mental health related to their workplace are more likely to miss work, more likely to quit, and less likely to be engaged in the work they are doing. According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety cost the global economy US$1 trillion every year due to reduced productivity. 

In order to keep employees engaged and motivated, organizations need to take action to improve overall mental health in the workplace. Companies can create a mentally healthier workplace by fostering an overall culture of wellness and work-life balance, offering opportunities for development, committing to inclusivity, and using an employee recognition program to celebrate each employee’s hard work and accomplishments. 

Promote Wellness 

Creating a mentally healthier workplace starts with building an environment that fosters overall wellness. Companies can encourage their employees to develop healthy habits through workplace initiatives and rewards.

Though creating a mentally healthier workplace can prevent negative employee mental health as a result of work, employees may still experience hardship outside of work that negatively impacts their mental health. In order to maintain high employee engagement levels and foster mental wellness among employees, companies can ensure employees are able to seek help from mental health professionals through paid time off and medical insurance plans that include mental health care. 

Foster Work-Life Balance

According to the American Psychological Association, almost 3 in 5 employees reported that they experienced negative mental health as a result of work-related stress in 2020. Employers can reduce stress and prevent burnout among employees with flexible work policies, such as allowing employees to work remotely, and managing workloads to allow for more sustainable efforts. 

In order to change company culture and shift toward a mentally healthier workplace, employers can align their employee recognition and engagement programs to recognize employees for demonstrating healthy habits and work-life balance. 

Companies can also make use of travel incentives to encourage employees to take time off to rest and recharge.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Unsafe or toxic work environments have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health. Companies looking to improve mental health in the workplace can look to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to ensure every employee feels safe and able to be their authentic self at work. 

While establishing a safe work environment starts with the actions and tone set by leadership, organizations can use employee rewards to encourage employees to take part in DEI activities that cultivate a safe workplace. 

Support Employee Development and Growth 

Employees who feel unsupported in their day-to-day work and long-term career aspirations may feel depressed, anxious, or unengaged in their job. 

Companies can show employees they care about the success of their employees by providing them with growth opportunities like training and mentorship programs. Organizations can incorporate these initiatives into their employee recognition programs to encourage and reward employees who take advantage of career and personal development opportunities. 

Provide Regular Praise 

Praise helps employees to see the work they are doing is valued. Regular praise can help your team feel acknowledged and valued. It helps cement your Culture of Recognition and helps employees improve their overall self-confidence, building a mentally healthier workplace.

Final Thoughts 

Creating a mentally healthier workplace is instrumental to employee retention, success, and satisfaction. 

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