Elevate Your Employee Appreciation Celebration

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Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 3, and it’s a great way to acknowledge your incredible team. This year, expand your one-day celebration in March to a full-week celebration at some other convenient time. By planning ahead, you can implement a balanced schedule of custom, strategically chosen activities that won’t break the budget. 

Last week we shared some great ideas for how to make an impact with your Employee Appreciation Day or Week celebration. Here are a few more we think you’ll love!

Volunteer Together

Deloitte found that 70% of workers strongly believe that company-sponsored team volunteer activities boost employee engagement more than other events like group happy hour.

Volunteering can help build a sense of community among your team. Employee Appreciation Day is a great time to volunteer together. Good choices for work teams include volunteering at a homeless shelter, senior living community, or humane society, as well as blood drives or community clean-ups.

Gift Time Off

Being able to take time off to address personal business is one thing. Getting to go home at noon without having it impact PTO, sick leave, or holiday time is another level of fantastic!

Use employee scheduling software to let team members choose which afternoon the team takes off. When employees can make decisions as a group – no matter how small the decision –  they’re likely to feel a sense of autonomy and belonging. Announce the initiative on Employee Appreciation Day to add to the impact of the day.

Provide Skills Training and Personal Development Activities

Employees enjoy learning new skills to help them advance in their jobs and personal lives. Providing opportunities for skills development can make them feel valued. Invite speakers or workshop leaders to present on topics like staying organized, writing effective emails, personal money management, achieving a healthy work-life balance, etc.

Recognize Personal Goal Achievements

Don’t limit rewards and recognition to just work achievements. Appreciate your employees for achieving goals outside the workplace. They’ll feel you care about them as people, not just as cogs in the company wheel.

Including gifts aimed at their passions for Employee Appreciation Day is another great idea. For example, if one of your employees loves fishing, a Yeti cooler or tackle box would be an exciting gift.

Host a Food Truck Lunch

Treat employees and support local businesses, too!  Bring in one or more food trucks to the workplace, or to a nearby park, for a fun lunch out during appreciation week. Invite as many as your company size merits for variety and to make the event seem even more special.

Work With Xceleration

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