We design reward solutions that yield positive results
We design reward solutions that drive sales
We design reward solutions that increase employee retention
We design reward solutions that engage your greatest assets
We design reward solutions that activate distribution channels
We design reward solutions that inspire learning and development
We design reward solutions that drive customer loyalty
We design reward solutions that reinforce your desired culture
We design reward solutions that keep workplace safety top of mind
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A Message From Xceleration CEO Ben Levenbaum

Like many of you, I am watching and reading the news of recent events across our country. The racist vitriol spewing from Central Park and the senseless killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd are just the latest instances of death, violence and hate throughout our history. They are hard to comprehend.

On behalf of myself and Xceleration, we encourage everyone to listen, learn, and seek to understand the issues. Actively and respectfully discuss and be open with friends and colleagues. Let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable as we navigate topics like fear, bias and white privilege together. We hope that by stopping to listen, learn, and understand, we at Xceleration can work actively to become part of the solution. The conversation must continue, so that action can follow.

“The time is always right to do what is right.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

At Xceleration, we see ourselves as motivation architects.

We pride ourselves on designing reward and recognition programs which enable our clients to not just meet their business objectives but exceed them.

We have spent two decades adapting our products to meet the needs of the evolving business landscape, perfectly positioning us to become your partner in motivation.

Our Expertise Brings Your Reward Solution to Life

We have awarded billions of points to millions of participants in over 90 countries.

Xceleration’s software solution delivers an engaging, user-friendly experience built for the modern workforce and consumer.

Our robust and flexible platform combined with our expertise enables us to deliver culturally appropriate reward options in multiple languages to a global audience.

Long Partnerships

Xceleration has maintained lasting partnerships with clients in diverse industries including medical, financial, manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, direct selling and more.

End-to-end Client Services

We work with you to ensure your programs are designed and implemented cleanly and provide continuous program development as your industry and your business continue to evolve.

Curated Reward Catalogs

We study your program participants to design and deliver a custom catalog tailored to your audience, offering items they will want and actually use.

Personalized Experiences

Our offerings include a diverse array of travel, shopping and once-in-a-lifetime experiences custom designed by our internal travel department.

Industry Insights

Engaging a Remote Workforoce
Culture of Recognition

Engaging a Suddenly Remote Workforce

Management teams across the world are focused on their Business Continuity plans to ensure continuous operations for their employees, partners and clients. A large portion

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