The Brave New World of Celebrating Employee Milestones

Although this phrase is beginning to feel like a broken record, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a lingering impact on the American workforce.  As of January 2022, only 31% of workers over age 25 had been with their current employer for at least 10 years. The mean employee tenure at American companies is down to […]

Doing Milestones Differently

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Service Anniversary awards are one of the original and longest-standing components of employee recognition. The happy send-off with a handshake and a gold watch is a familiar image to many of us.  And over the last many years, that image has become symbolic of times past. Recognizing employees for their loyalty, celebrating important work anniversaries, […]

Service Milestone Awards – How to Create Lasting Loyalty in Your Workforce

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Companies have been recognizing employee service anniversaries for decades – and for good reason. Employees who stay with companies for many years highlight the best parts of that company’s culture: loyalty, engagement, and passion for their work. When employees feel seen and valued by their leadership, they are more likely to maintain loyalty to their […]