Service Milestone Awards – How to Create Lasting Loyalty in Your Workforce

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Companies have been recognizing employee service anniversaries for decades – and for good reason. Employees who stay with companies for many years highlight the best parts of that company’s culture: loyalty, engagement, and passion for their work. When employees feel seen and valued by their leadership, they are more likely to maintain loyalty to their work and greater happiness with their job.

We’ve seen the typical commemorative gifts of plaques, paperweights, trophies, and more – which are all excellent, tangible rewards for a milestone of service. At Xceleration, we guide our clients toward wider, practical options for their milestones to further satisfy their employees and cement their culture into one of high recognition and value. We include items that people use regularly, which cater to their lifestyle – like electronics, luggage, fitness equipment, and even kitchen appliances. When lifestyle awards are offered in a web-based catalog, it allows companies to offer the latest models and real-time inventory, so employees can redeem for what they want, when they want. It also adds extra value to the award, as employees have a say in what they receive. So what does all this value add up to?

Trophy value.

Trophy value is something that adds even more ammunition to employee loyalty because it creates a consistent reminder of their achievements and passion for their work, while serving a purpose that improves their everyday lives. It is a concept that allows employers to connect with their employees in a more frequent manner. Instead of a decoration that melts into the background of a shelf or desk, an item with trophy value is used often and serves as an ongoing memory of being valued and recognized for hard work. At its core, trophy value is a fantastic way to take your service awards to the next level, especially when combined with a certificate of achievement.

In our reward catalogs for employee recognition, we also provide gift card options for popular stores, both online and in-person. Although part of the reason these cannot always be service milestone options is due to country-specific taxation laws, they still do not offer a direct connection between the company and the end result. Gift cards are excellent options for project or performance recognition, as they allow employees to use their points with incredible flexibility. However, they lack the trophy value of merchandise – that direct connection.  Items with trophy value allow us to maintain the connection and garner deeper employee loyalty and engagement, which is crucial to our industry’s main focus: company culture.

Many companies have created a culture for their employees with goals, behaviors, and statistics. Xceleration’s RewardStation® platform serves as a tool to strengthen and deepen this culture throughout the entire company, leading to a more unified front in innovation, collaboration, and quality. Our goal is to work with companies and use our expert knowledge in employee recognition, sales incentives, and service milestone programs to help improve company culture and create the supportive foundation they need to reach their own goals. You can find out more about our Service Milestone Award programs by visiting

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