Keeping Your Employee Recognition Program Fresh

Over the past few decades, employee recognition programs have become integral in the workplace as companies increasingly recognize their benefits. Traditional employee anniversary recognition programs take top-down approaches, typically with one annual event taking center stage. However, those strategies no longer suffice with workers now expecting more from their employers across the board.  For recognition […]

Reimagining Your President’s Club Award for Top Sales Performance

For a long time, rewarding your top performers with a President’s Club designation has been the ultimate recognition for sales organizations. As competition for quality talent continues to escalate, finding unique ways to motivate and reward high-performing sales leaders is becoming more critical. The traditional President’s Club Award – an all-expenses-paid group vacation – has […]

The Brave New World of Celebrating Employee Milestones

Although this phrase is beginning to feel like a broken record, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a lingering impact on the American workforce.  As of January 2022, only 31% of workers over age 25 had been with their current employer for at least 10 years. The mean employee tenure at American companies is down to […]