Committing to Employee Wellness

Employee wellness has become an increasingly high-profile issue, thanks mainly to the pandemic. Consider these facts: This has increased demand from workers that their employers provide more support for workplace wellness. A recent survey by McKinsey and Company found that 51% of employees are trying to achieve a better work-life balance, and 47% want their […]

4 Ways Corporate Events Can Enhance Recognition, Loyalty, and Engagement

With much of the world opening back up, people are craving the face-to-face connections they did not experience as much during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. People are traveling, businesses are balancing out their remote schedules, and people are driven to be together. Corporate events have always been an important part of a strong […]

It’s the Thought that Counts (Really!)

If your company could increase profitability by an average of 21%, would you want to know how? What if you could simultaneously raise productivity, improve employee retention, reduce absenteeism, and spark better employee health outcomes? It may surprise you that the primary driver behind all of those positive business results is the same thing: employee […]

How Your Leaders Can Empower Recognition

Employee recognition is crucial when it comes to company culture and workplace environment. Unfortunately, it’s an aspect of effective management that many leaders often neglect, much to the detriment of workflow and office morale. A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 79% of employees reported that recognition makes them work […]

How Managers Help Build a Culture of Recognition

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During the Great Resignation, millions of Americans left their jobs voluntarily each month in search of something they considered better. However, in many cases, what they were leaving was not their job, but their manager. As cited in a report in Forbes, whenWhen presented with the choice of getting a different manager/supervisor or getting a […]

Recognition and Engagement in Today’s Workforce

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As the late American poet laureate, Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Engaged employees feel satisfied and appreciated in their job. They want to come to work daily and feel emotionally connected to their employer. […]

Countering the Effects of “Quiet Quitting”

On the list of the COVID-19 pandemic’s lingering effects on the American workforce, there’s a new addition: “quiet quitting.” Defined generally as performing only the specific job you were hired for – but no more – quiet quitting has gone viral on social media platforms such as TikTok.  On the one hand, “quiet quitting” might […]

6 Company Benefits from Providing Individualized Employee Travel Incentives


In 2015, the Stanford University School of Medicine began the Stanford Letter Project to conduct research into people’s “bucket lists,” or those things they most want to do before they die.  Although the project’s primary purpose was to encourage people to prepare for end-of-life discussions, the study revealed important insights into what people most want […]

3 Ways a Corporate Holiday Gifting Program Can Benefit Your Company This Year

The business world has experienced quite a bit of change so far this decade. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies transitioned to remote or hybrid workforces, while others returned to offices full-time. Operating norms and practices shifted, and each company responded in its own way. And with so much regularly in flux, […]

4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Strong Business Gifting Strategy

As the corporate world evolves and changes, businesses face new and different challenges. We’ve moved forward in a number of significant ways in the last several years. Technology and communication tools have connected us better. Remote capabilities have come a long way, and the Covid-19 pandemic brought the workforce’s needs and desire for flexibility sharply […]