4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Strong Business Gifting Strategy

As the corporate world evolves and changes, businesses face new and different challenges. We’ve moved forward in a number of significant ways in the last several years. Technology and communication tools have connected us better. Remote capabilities have come a long way, and the Covid-19 pandemic brought the workforce’s needs and desire for flexibility sharply into focus. Technology continues to affect positive change, and the professional world continues to see the benefits of this play out in real-time. But for all the video chats, remote meetings, and flexible schedules, it’s critical we do not lose sight of the personal interactions that still drive so much of what we all do.

So how do we maintain this through an ever-changing work environment? How do we send the same messages we may have sent 5 years ago with a handshake or a cup of coffee? At Xceleration, we’ve always believed corporate gifting to be a wonderful and critical strategic tool. And with what we all learned through the pandemic and beyond, it’s taken on yet another layer of value. Here are 4 reasons Corporate Gifting matters now more than ever.

Keeping Connected

Being able to interface in-person with your customers, prospects, and colleagues has always been so important to the life cycle of a professional relationship. With that no longer a guarantee, or even no longer everyone’s preference, how do we fill the gaps? A thoughtful, well-packaged gift can connect you to your audience in ways which may be different from their norm. It will start new conversations, and it will show your clients you cared to take the time to send them something you felt they’d enjoy. The gesture of a gift creates opportunities and openings for communication that may not have materialized otherwise.

Something Tangible

In addition to strengthening interpersonal connections, a gift brings something tangible to  a work world that has become significantly less so in the last few years. So much less of how we now operate exists outside the screens of our computers or devices. Providing your stakeholders with something they can put their hands on will be uniquely impactful – especially when kitted and packaged in a way that positively affects the recipient’s experience.

This is a time-tested concept and has always been a priority for us at Xceleration. The look, feel, and experience of receiving a gift is just as important as the gift itself. It is this tangibility which sets corporate gifting apart from so many other forms of outreach.

Standing Out

We’re all familiar with the weekly flood of e-mails we receive from organizations we interface with in our professional and personal lives. Communication is, of course, essential to doing business – but as the audience we’re saturated. Unless we have an active interest in a piece of e-mail communication, we might be inclined to ignore another weekly update from that store we love or that vendor we use from time to time. So how does your business cut through the noise? A meaningful gift is hard to ignore. A recipient is likely to stop what they’re doing and pay attention to a gift that comes across their desk (or these days, perhaps their coffee table). When you stand out, you have your recipient’s attention, and you can easily move your goals forward from there.

Showing Gratitude

A little gratitude goes a very long way, especially in challenging times. Using corporate gifting to show your appreciation to your customers tells them how much you value your relationship. Practicing gratitude brings the complete picture of a business gifting strategy into an important perspective. You’re saying to your customers, “We could not succeed without you. Thank you.” Gratitude is uplifting, powerful, and genuine. Your relationships are what keep you moving through challenges. Strengthening those relationships through meaningful, tangible expressions of gratitude will pay dividends in hard times and good.

“A thoughtful, well-packaged gift can connect you to your audience in ways which may be different from their norm. It will start new conversations, and it will show your clients you cared to take the time to send them something you felt they’d enjoy.”

The value of gifting is not limited to the world outside your business. A gift can be just as powerful of a tool for your own team as it is for your clients. A gift and an expression of gratitude can easily raise employee morale and inspire confidence in your leadership. In any business environment these gestures make a difference.

With Corporate Gifting by Xceleration, we help you provide exciting, meaningful gifts to your customers, employees, and prospects. Reach out to us today at info@xceleration.com to find out how we can work together to find a corporate gifting solution that’s right for your business.

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